March 27–28 2017, Institut Curie, Paris


It is our pleasure to host the 4th International Workshop on Plasma for Cancer Treatment (IWPCT-2017) at the Institut Curie in Paris on March 27–28 2017. The first three editions of the IWPCT were held on March 25–26 2014 in Washington DC, on March 16–17 2015 in Nagoya, and on April 11–12 2016 in Washington DC.

The intent of the Workshop is to bring together researchers active in the field of Plasma Medicine from all over the world to report on and discuss recent progress in understanding and controlling the effects of plasmas on cancer. There will be 18 invited talks, 5 contributed oral presentations and 2 poster sessions over two days. The Workshop is limited to around 150 attendees.

The topics covered by the Workshop are the following:

  • Plasma sources and plasma equipment used for cancer treatment,
  • Plasma-cancer interactions: experiments, modeling and simulation,
  • Destruction of cancer cells by plasmas,
  • Mechanisms of plasma selectivity towards cancer cells,
  • Plasma-liquid interaction / plasma chemistry in biological liquids / plasma activated media for cancer applications,
  • Animal and clinical studies of cancer treatment by plasmas. 


João Santos Sousa and Pierre-Marie Girard
Chairs of the IWPCT–2017


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